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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

Veneto and Friuli: Life is good here ... and eating even more

When people think of Veneto the image that comes to mind is that of Venice - St. Mark’s square, the great lagoon, the gondolas on the Canal Grande, the Carnival, the outstanding architecture, the fascinating ‘Calli’, the Theatre of the Fenice, numerous remains of the power and the richness of the ancient maritime republic that dominated the Mediterranean Sea for 5 centuries.

Yet Veneto is not only Venice – but also Padua, the ancient scholar town, whose basilica housing the relics of S. Antonio is visited yearly by millions of pilgrims. Another gem attracting tourists are the villa built Palladium, the architect of the 16th century whose buildings are marked by perfect harmony and exert a special fascination for visitors.  

In Verona, the eternal city celebrated by Shakespeare in the play “Romeo and Juliet”, do not miss a performance at the opera in the Roman arena in summer time.

Among all Italy’s regions Veneto has the highest number of accommodation facilities, ranging from the villages on the coast between Sottomarina and Jesolo, with a wide range of categories and prices, to the cities of art  Venice, Padua and Verona, where accommodation is more expensive. Do not forget the Venetian part of Lake Garda which is a favourite tourist destination for short trips from Germany and Austria.

Tourist resorts in Friuli, apart from Trieste, Cividale und Aquileia, are less renown, yet their wines and natural products are famous all over the world: an ideal region for challenging gastronomic tours.


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