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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups


Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

About Gadis Tourist Service Italia

We take care of your group tours to Italy

Discover the most beautiful country in the world! Italy has been our passion since 1985. Offering the whole of Italy from our headquarters in Liguria, Lago Maggiore, Verona, Toscana and Rome. Let us introduce you into our world: enjoy a look at our activities!

We are a specialist tour operator arranging group travel in Italy. We are a specialized group tour operator with more than 30 years of experience in organizing groups all over Italy. we work with over 1.500 european operators and do thousands of groups per year.
We have five offices in Italy, in Liguria, at Lake Maggiore, in Verona,  in Tuscany, in Rome, and dedicated people all over italy to provide local assistance whenever needed.
We will take care of your group from the moment it sets foot on italian soil until the day it leaves our country, and we will always search the best hotels, guides, restaurants for your budget.

Our services include hotels, guides, excursions, coach/bus rentals, restaurants, wine and specialty tastings, and in short every service you need for your tour to italy! We are the tour operator you have been looking for!

Passion & Pleasure
in the most beautiful country of the world

These words have formed the leitmotif of our work ever since we started up activities in 1985, and it is for this reason that more than 50.000 people travel with us every year.
5 operation centres in Piemonte at the lake Maggiore, in Verona, Liguria,  Toscana, and Rome, 25 staff members, 1.500 clients and 6.500 suppliers are numbers that give a quantitative idea of our company, while the quality is confirmed by those customers who return to us year after year. 

We can  count on the collaboration of people with vast and in-depth experience in the organisation of groups to Italy, which has enabled us to develop an important flow of Clients from throughout Europe.

Gadis, the specialists for large groups

We are known as specialists for large groups, and we are proud to say that our commitment to this sector is well known and in high demand!
Organising large events and groups with many participants requires a methodical approach, discipline, and experience. We led many groups of over 200 people; we give each trip a special touch to ensure that clients have an experience they will never forget.  

Each destination has a custom-made itinerary designed to highlight the unique features of the chosen area, for example: the acrobatic horseback riders in Sardinia; the dinner aboard a galleon on the Venetian Lagoon; the spectacular show in Florence; the private tours of the gardens on the Riviera dei Fiori (Flowers Riviera); the Christmas markets organised exclusively for our clients in Tuscany; the activities in the Castle in the Euganean Hills; and many other surprises, all at reasonable prices.

This last quality is paramount for a success trip: pricing that is affordable and competitive.
If you are planning events for your company or for your clients, we can work with you to develop optimal solutions for reaching our common goal: good sales and above all... satisfied clients!

We began our presentation with Passion & Pleasure and we end it with Creativity and Reliability, characteristics that our clients acknowledge in us.
Qualities that, we hope, in the near future also you will find with us!


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