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Gadis Tourist Service Italia Incoming Tour Operator for Groups

Update on the Italian Covid-19 situation - July 2021

Italy latest updates, July 1st 

Dear partners,

Today we answer the following questions to help you organize your trips to Italy:
Is now all of Italy in the white zone?
Do the current transportation guidelines allow to reach up to 80% of the          seating capacity of a touristic coach?
What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?


As of June 28th, 19 Italian regions are “white” and out of restrictions! The last region, Aosta Valley, will turn white next week!
With a constant increase in vaccinations, people can travel more and safer…
Here is the latest update, useful for planning your journeys:

Mouth-nose covering – updates 
Big news from June 28TH in all white regions: outdoors, where it is possible to maintain a safe distance, it is no longer necessary to wear a mouth-nose protection!
If, on the other hand, a safe distance cannot be maintained, it is still necessary (and safer) to wear a face mask.
The use of the face mask is anyway obligatory in all closed and public spaces (bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, shopping centres), in public transport (buses, trams, trains and planes).
This excludes children under 6 years of age; people with a proven pathology that can be aggravated by the use of a mouth-nose covering (medical certificate required.

Coach seating capacity up to 80%
In white regions, the maximum occupancy level can now reach  80% of the coaches seating capacity, which is a very encouraging change for groups travel!
Face masks are obligatory when getting on/off the bus and during the entire journey for bus drivers, tour guides/staff and guests. For long journeys, it is recommended to change the face mask every 4 hours.

Hotels can accommodate guests, following given protocols for social distancing and hygiene.
According to protocols, rigorous cleaning and regular disinfection are done in the public spaces and in the rooms.
All staff and guests must wear face masks. But this can be removed in the guest\\'s own room and when sitting at the table in the hotel bar, restaurant or breakfast room.
breakfast and dinner are served at the table in most cases; alternatively, it may be buffet style if served by supervising staff.

Guided tours
Guided tours are available, following regional safety protocols. More specific details and updates will be provided by us prior to departure.
Wearing face masks is obligatory for guides, tour leaders and guests during an indoor visit or outdoors when a proper social distancing is not in place.
Headphones (wireless tour system) are highly recommended during excursions as this will enable social distancing without missing the guide’s valuable explanations. If you have not booked these for your trip yet, please contact us to add them to your package.

What do you need to travel in Italy?

Those arriving from European or Schengen countries (except UK and Ireland*) can enter Italy if they meet two requirements:

1) Presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate (in Italy also called “Green Pass”).

2) Filling in the "EU digital passenger locator form (EU dPLF)" online.

1) EU Digital COVID Certificate, required as of 1 July 2021.  

The EU Digital COVID Certificate will facilitate safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The certificate will be introduced in EU Member States. Countries can start issuing and using it already and it will become available in all EU Member States as of 1 July 2021.

An EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person has either

- been vaccinated against COVID-19

- received a negative test result or 

- recovered from COVID-19

Please find more information here:

The EU Digital COVID Certificate could be requested before boarding (plane, train or bus) or at a possible control in Italy.

(*) For passengers from UK and  Ireland  a 5-day quarantine with mandatory swab testing was introduced and will be valid till July 30th, 2021. More information here

2) European Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)

Travellers must register with the EU dPLF-web application by providing a valid email address and password.

Travellers will receive a confirmation email to the email address they provided.

To confirm and complete the registration, travellers must click on the link sent to the email address provided.

What is the European Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)?

Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are used by health authorities to facilitate contact tracing when travellers have been exposed to a contagious disease on a plane, ship (cruise/ferry), train, bus or car. Information provided by travellers in PLFs can be used by health authorities in destination countries to contact affected travellers immediately. This serves to protect the health of travellers and their contacts and to prevent further spread of the disease. 

For more details:

Who needs to fill in the digital passenger locator form?

One PLF should be completed per family, which includes the details of all family members. The same is valid for groups travelling together. Only one person from the group needs to complete the PLF and list the details of the remaining group members. 

Note that this only applies to families and groups of people who will be participating in the same activities and staying in the same place during their visit to the destination country. 

More updates…

Restaurants, bars, pubs and ice-cream parlours are also open indoors
Since June 1st, in the yellow zones, guests can also sit indoors, at lunchtime as well as in the evening.
Social distancing remains in place - 1 m between tables
Other rules:
Groups of up to 6 people or 2 households are permitted indoors; no limitations outdoors, apart from the rule of 1 m distance between tables which remains in place.
Staff will continue to have to wear face masks
Customers have to wear face masks when they are not sitting at their table (for example when going to the restroom or while leaving the restaurant)

Since June 15th, wedding parties are allowed.  Guests must show a negative test or vaccination certificate, though.

Cinema, theatre, events
Since April 26th, cinemas, theatres and other events including concerts have been reopened. Only seating is allowed, with one metre between seats. A reservation is requested. 
Indoors, 50% of the audience capacity is allowed up to a maximum of 500 people, outdoors up to a maximum of 1000 people.
There are numbered seats which are allocated in advance and these have a minimum of one metre between them (except for people from the same household who can sit next to each other).
During the performance no standing is allowed.Temperature measurement at the entrance.
Face masks are obligatory at the entrance as well as in the auditorium during the performance (FPP2 recommended - FFP2 required in some cinemas/theatres).
Telephone or email contacts must be given when purchasing a ticket.
During the performance no consumption of food/drinks in the auditorium allowed.

Museums, Archaeological Parks
Museums, galleries, archaeological parks and exhibitions are open. Limited attendance to prevent large mass gatherings.  On weekends, entrance by appointment only.
Visitors must always wear face masks.

Theme parks and amusement parks
Since June 15th, theme parks are open. Obligations to be fulfilled are including:
Online booking to control the number of visitors in the park (advance booking is highly recommended) to avoid crowds.
Face masks are obligatory for the entire stay in the park for both visitors and staff.
Temperature scan at the entrance (entry is not allowed above 37,5° Celsius).
A reservation system for each attraction is recommended to avoid mass gatherings. Social distancing still in place.
Important: It is very important to wear appropriate clothing (e.g. T-shirts and knee-length trousers, no tank tops or swimming costumes - check the regulations of the park) as it should be noted that it may be forbidden to wear the safety belts required for the activity directly on the skin.

Outdoor sports 
All outdoor sports have been allowed since April 26th, including contact sports.

Fitness studios/gyms
Fitness studios/gyms are already open to the public. There are protocols in place for keeping social distancing and sanitising the training spaces.
Reservations are required to ensure adequate attendance in relation to the size of the gym.

Outdoor and indoor pools, wellness centres, amusement arcades and bingo
They are open, following strict safety protocols for keeping social distancing and sanitising the spaces. Face mask is obligatory, depending on the protocols applied. Reservation is required.

Shopping centres and weekly markets
Shopping centres and weekly markets may also open on public holidays and on the preceding days.

Beaches and outdoor swimming-pools
Beaches and outdoor pools are open. Their bars and restaurants must follow the same rules as those for traditional bars & restaurants. Reservation required.

Trade fairs
Since June 15th trade fair are back. Exhibitors and visitors from abroad can also participate, in accordance to prescribed quarantine rules if any.

Conferences and Congresses
From July 1st conferences and congresses can also take place. Rules are under discussions.

So, just pack your luggage and start your travel to Italy!

See you soon!

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